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Altes Land—diverse and beautiful!

Imagine, it is spring, the sun is shining, the air is clean and a balmy breeze is coming from the Elbe. You are walking through blooming orchards like through a sea of white and pink blossoms. You reach the dyke and observe the tubs cruising on the Elbe. You can already recognize the Port of Hamburg, the city is as near. Fresh air made you hungry, you stop at a coffee garden and enjoy a delicious slice of a fruit tarte, according to grandma’s recipe. It’s not only spring season when visitors from all over the world are attracted by Altes Land.

Even in cherry season in July when sun-blessed fruits, firm and red, are picked from the trees, Altes Land is made for a discovering tour by bike.
You are welcome to take a tour on the fruit farm yards, especially in spring, summer and autumn. Children discover the fruits growing on the trees and have fun in nature. In late summer when the apples are harvested, visitors swarm Altes Land to fully enjoy the fruit paradise.
Come and experience Altes Land, the biggest contiguous fruit growing area together with all its treasures!

Our apples, which Altes Land is famous for, like to be picked veeeery carefully. For the farmers…

> Fruit farm yards

> General information

> Apple varieties

> Apple tree sponsorship

> The cherry in Altes Land

Starting on the outskirts of Hamburg, Altes Land extends along the Elbe to Stade. It is a man-made…

> Museum in Altes Land
> Windmills in Altes Land
> Guided tours in Altes Land
> Timber-framed houses
> Churches in Altes Land

The maritime enchantment can be sensed all around. Ditches, loading canals, rivers have been served as a transport route for centuries in Altes Land.

> Quays

> Harbours

> Lighthouses

> Maritime Landschaft Unterelbe

Blooming season is the most popular time in Altes Land – and rightly so! Every year Altes Land…

> Blossom barometer
> "Blütenfest"

> Representatives of Altes Land

Do you also have the impression to recognize this little white drawbridge, these dead straight ditches and the windmills?

> Where does the name come from?

> Fruit farming

> Dyke construction

> House building 

> Traditional costumes

Altes Land is too small for you? So look for alternation in our surrounding area!…

> Buxtehude
> Stade
> Hamburg

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