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Here you can find general information about fruit farming.

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All you need to know about fruit blossoms, you will find here!

Apple varieties

These apple varieties are grown in Altes Land

Among our diversity of different apples in Altes Land, there is certainly the right apple for you as well! Be amazed about the diversity and give your finely-tuned palate a pleasant surprise with new varieties!

Jonagold apple

The apple variety Jonagold is commercially available since 1968, its colour is sunny yellow and on the sunny side it is orange-red to shiny strawberry red. Enjoyable from October.

Elstar apple

This apple variety came onto the market in 1975 and is a hybrid of Golden Delicious and Ingrid-Marie. The particularity of this variety is that it does not change its colour to brown when it’s cut off. Although this variety isn't easily to cultivate, it's to harvest.

Gravensteiner apple

The Gravensteiner apple probably has its origins in Italy and has a typical aromatic taste and strong-smelling fruits. The skin has a bright yellow shade with crimson dabs and lines.

Boskoop apple

The Boskoop apple was discovered by chance in the Netherlands. An apple of this variety weighs more than 200g on average and shows a high fruit-acidity, making it suitable for apple sauce or baked goods.

Jonagored apple

The Jonagored apple is a so called mutant of the Jonagold apple that shows similar characteristics as the Jonagold apple, however it is clearly more red-coloured.

Gloster apple

This apple comes from Jork. In 1951 this variety was grown in the “Obstbauversuchsanstalt” (fruit experimental station) and is now widely spread cultivated. This variety is also known under the name Gloster 69 because it firstly appeared on the market in 1969. The Gloster apple's flesh is yellow-green, very juicy with a sour taste. Its topcoat is merged into purple.

Holsteiner Cox apple

The Hosteiner Cox apple is counted to the old apple varieties. The apple reaches an average diameter of up to 15cm, is coloured yellow-green to red and has a sourly, aromatic-spicy flesh. It is a hybrid of the Cox Orange apple and an unknown variety.

Gala apple

This shiny red apple with its yellow flesh is relatively small and perfect to store. This variety originally comes from New Zealand and belongs to the dessert fruit family.

Topaz apple

A relatively new variety hailing from the Czech Republic, its fruits are middle-sized and generally yellow, but often have big red stripes too. The flesh is juicy, with a sweet & sour taste, and a solid & crunchy feel.

Braeburn apple

The Braeburn apple is a variety that comes from New Zealand, too. The fruits are relatively firm/solid, but very aromatic and long-living. The harvesting doesn't take place until mid or late October.

Delbarestivale apple

Its short form is “Delba” or “Delbar”. Since 1982, this summer apple, which is ready for harvest from mid-August, has spread all over. These apples have a smooth skin with a green/yellow basic colour and red stripes on the side illuminated by the sun. Its taste is aromatic, sweet, and mildly tart.

Golden Delicious apple

This variety is easy to produce, very fruitful, and can develop a very delicious taste when it’s correctly cultivated. These apples are a preferred variety for making fruit brandy.

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