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Here you get general information about fruit farming.

An overview about our members owning a fruit farming enterprise.

Take over a sponsorship for a tree and your return to Altes Land is ensured!

All you need to know about fruit blossoms, you will find here!

Fruit farming

That is how we work in Altes Land…

The landscape is dominated by fruit farming. All you can see is apple, damson or cherry trees. Ditches and “Wettern” (artificially constructed outfalls), important for irrigation and drainage in Altes Land, are spread all over the orchards. The period of fruit blooming is famously known beyond national borders and in times of cherry and apple harvest it becomes busy in Altes Land.

Our apples, which Altes Land is famous for, like to be handled veeeery carefully. Regarding the farmers it means that every apple (as well as every cherry, pear, damson…) has to be picked by hand, before the fruits get stored in modern storehouses. This degree of diligence has not changed since the 14th century such as the millions of little helpers that keep the things ticking over: The bees, ensuring the fertilisation.

The method to sprinkle the trees, especially the blossoms, with water in times of night frost, however, is of recent date. The warmth, released by the freezing process, protects the blossom against the death from freezing. If farmers, the sun and the bees worked well, Altes Land becomes an exquisite food court: Fruit stands along the street offer fruits, jam and liquor for tasting. That is what you should not miss!

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