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Our two quays are called at by ferries on a regular basis so you can be on the other side of the Elbe very quickly to have a little break over there and enjoy the view of Altes Land.

The region Altes Land provides two gorgeous harbours which are a popular destination at the same time, because it is lovely to have a seat at the quay and allow your mind to wander…

Lighthouses in Altes Land

Destination boards for ships

Along the coast, there are various lighthouses to be marvelled at. They are more than only destination boards for ships, they are a pretty sight as well, perfectly embedded in the landscape. It is a popular photo motif in last light and at sunset for example. Even if most are not used for marine navigation anymore, some still are in use. That means you have the opportunity to look at ship models from 1893 until present time in the old lighthouse in Twielenfleth.

Historically speaking there have been lighthouses, centuries before the birth of Christ. At least in Mediterranean region where bustling shipping traffic was already in existence at this time.

A bit of “lighthouse 101”

The lighthouses along the Elbe can simply be distinguished by direction light and leading light. Direction lights govern the ships through difficult waters by marking safe and unsafe channels with varicoloured lights. Leading lights on the other hand consist of two lighthouses: the higher rear light and the smaller front light. Together they mark the middle of the deep channel. When the navigator sees the lights vertically in line, he is proceeding on the range line, if the light appears left or right of the range line, the navigator has to correct his passage. There are all in all 56 lighthouses between Neuwerk in the Elbe estuary and “Bunthäuser Spitze” on the crossroads between Norderelbe and Süderelbe. Everyone has its own timing, its own distinctive colour recognition. 43 of them are still working and can’t be missed in shipping business.

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