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Altes Land—one-of-a-kind

Altes Land is worth visiting at any time of the year. Which is the most appropriate season for you?

Marriages and weddings

Spend the most beautiful day in your life in Altes Land!

We offer everything you need for this one particular day: a wonderful wedding chamber located in the town hall in Jork, various fruit farms and restaurants offering premises for jollifications as well as many marvellous churches.
Those wanting a memento for this special day can buy a wedding bench with their names and the wedding date inscribed within. This white bench will be put up and many bridal couples will come to visit it on their wedding day.
Of course we offer appropriate premises for big birthday parties and jubilees.

Wedding rituals

We give you a short overview on nice traditions that should not be missed on a wedding nowadays.

Stag party & hen night

This night the bridal couple celebrates with their respective friends, separated from their partners.
During this party, the fidelity is tested the last time before the couple gets married, at the same time it is considered as the farewell of the current life.


This very old wedding ritual traditionally takes place one day before the wedding ceremony
Porcelain is smashed to drive evil spirits away. The shattered pieces must be swept up by the wedding couple.
Caution: Glass should not be smashed, that brings bad luck.

Wedding dress

It is important that the wedding dress is not selfmade and that it is not shown to the groom before the wedding ceremony starts, this brings bad luck! It is chosen together with the bridal’s mum, sister or friend and most of the time the colour white is picked because it stands for clarity, perfection, joy and festivity.

The wedding ring

In the past, it was a symbol of the possession of a particular man, nowadays it is a symbol for everlasting love and the “becoming one-process” of man and woman. The circle represents infinite eternity because it has no start and no end.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

There are four things a bride should wear on her wedding day:

  • Something old: represents the current life of the bride
  • Something new: represents the upcoming life
  • Something blue: as a fidelity symbol
  • Something borrowed: should bring luck to the marriage
Additionally, the bride should carry a coin in her left wedding shoe as symbol of prosperity.


In the past, bridesmaids were young unmarried girls accompanying the bride to distract evil spirits from the bride. They put on beautiful dresses to look similar to the bride and to confuse the ghost.
Today, bridesmaids are besides the witnesses the most important helpers when it comes to the preparation of the wedding.

Flower children

Festively dressed children sprinkle a tight carpet of flowers, the wedding couple walks on.
This is technically a heathen wedding ritual because the blossoms should attract the fertility goddess to provide plenty of new offspring.

Rice throwing

Another symbol of fertility and probably the best-known ritual is throwing the rice on the bridal couple. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests are throwing the rice on the bridal couple and it is said that the bride will have as many children during their matrimony as she will find grain of rice in her hair the following morning.

Wedding cake

At midnight the big wedding cake will be served and should be sliced conjointly. Whoever’s hand is on top during the cutting will have the last say in the marriage.

Kidnapping the bride

Most of the time, there are good friends that kidnapp the bride. They move from pub to pub. The groom must find his bride and foot the bill in the pubs, the kidnappers visited, until he found his bride.
If he does not notice that his bride is kidnapped, he must dance with a broom dressed as a bride.

Catching the bridal bouquet

All unmarried women have to gather behind the bride. The bride tosses the bridal bouquet backwards. The woman catching the bouquet will become the next bride.

Carrying over the threshold

Another protection against evil spirits offers this wedding ritual. If the bridal couple arrives at home, the freshly married husband should carry his wife over the threshold.

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