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Come and visit the authentic Altes Land, our local experts would love to show you this region through their eyes!

There are some things you can only marvel at in Altes Land: “Bridal doors”, ornamental gates, timber framing and a lot more.

All you need, around the most beautiful day in Altes Land, will you find here.

In Altes Land every season is wonderful and worth seeing…

Representatives of Altes Land

Altes Land appears at its best!

Three very beautiful young ladies represent Altes Land and are a promotional aid for our amazing region.

The representatives are on their mission across Germany. Whether at fairs or on festivals or on other events.
Always smiling and in a good mood, they love to explain their traditional costumes as well as the region they are coming from, you are more than welcome to take a picture or get an autograph.

The “Blossom Queen of Altes Land” is always crowned the first weekend of May. She is wearing the traditional costume of a married woman from Altes Land (with a red wool skirt under the pinafore), precious filigree silver jewellery from Altes Land and a unique headgear: the “Flunk-Kranz” (a bridal crown in form of a round bonnet covered with silk flowers and rectangular “wings” made of brocade, pointing diagonally upwards). It represents joy and fertility. Even on meetings with other queens, the “Blossom Queen” lightens and sticks out because of her costume!
The “Apple Queen of Altes Land” represents the most important fruit in Altes Land, the apple. She wears a traditional festive costume together with filigree silver jewellery and a bonnet. Every two years, another woman is elected for this representative position on the “Apple festival” (Apfelfest) in Steinkirchen.

There are no new elections for the representative position of the “Ambassador of Altes Land”. Anna Krüger enjoys this popular mandate for an indefinite period of time. Her mission is to preserve and represent the cultural heritage, ancient tradition, as well as the tradition of the characteristics of the cultural landscape of all three “miles”. At the same time, she strengthens the awareness of local people concerning the worth saving uniqueness of their home country. For this purpose, a publically unknown model of the traditional costume from Altes Land, originally dating from the Biedermeyer period, was recreated. Noticeable is her colourfulness and the “Scheiddook” (a band made of starched white batiste, worn around the head, resembling a mitre) which has sunk into oblivion.

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