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Each of the four seasons in Altes Land is beautiful! Convince yourself…

Summer in Altes Land means cherry production, enjoying the sun, having cake in a fruit orchard…

Autumn in Altes Land means apple harvest, courtyard parties, picking your own fruits, enjoying the late summer…

Winter in Altes Land means Christmas markets, drinking “Diekpedder“ tobogganing from dykes…

Spring fever in Altes Land

Spring— peak season in Altes Land

Altes Land is very famous for its blossom season. The whole landscape is in full bloom in white and rose. An old weather lore saying goes: starting in last week of April until the 10th of May—in this time there should be the peak bloom date. Of course this is only an estimated date, when the blossom period exactly starts is not predictable.

The blossom season is a very important period for the fruit farmers in Altes Land. The blossom is highly sensitive and can be damaged by upcoming frost. In case the blossom is damaged, it cannot be pollinated by bees, as a result, no fruit can be developed. If frost occurs, the blooming trees will be sprinkled with water. The ice, covering the blossom, protects it against the cold. Sounds paradoxical—but works!

Bees moving to Altes Land every year, only live there during blossom time. They move out when blossom period is over. Hundreds of bee colonies are in action in Altes Land. No bees—no fruit!

In spring, the “Staudenmarkt” (a market where you can buy shrubs and gardening supplies) takes place in Jork as well as the Easter market in the museum and the biggest event—the “Blütenfest”.

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