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The “Blossom Queen“ is always crowned the first weekend of May.

They are not only attractive to look at, they also have a historical background.

Frame by frame…each a unique design. Not found anywhere else!

Wonderful handmade filigree silver jewellery has a long tradition in Altes Land.

Tales from the apple bin

Have a seat in an apple bin and listen to the tales

In Altes Land there are seven “story boxes“, waiting to be discovered. These “story boxes“ are built from apple bins, normally used for picked apples and for storage purposes. Now the “story telling boxes“are equipped with sound systems and information boards which allow you to just relax and listen to the stories without any hurry. A clever apple named “Glosti“ has many useful hints for kids and an outline map provides information about the location. These stories of the “story boxes“ is a LEADER project (a support programme of the European Union) which was implemented cross-regionally. Altes Land is located on the border between the federal states of Lower Saxony and Hamburg, therefor two applications were necessary.


  • The Völkers Family, Twielenflether Chaussee 62a, 21723 Hollern-Twielenfleth
  • The Budde Family, Kurze Straße 5, 21720 Grünendeich
  • The Stölken Family (Harmshof), Königreicher Straße 88, 21635 Jork-Königreich
  • Ferry terminal in Cranz, Estedeich 94, 21129 Cranz
  • Church in Estebrügge, Neue Straße, 21635 Jork-Estebrügge
  • Fruit farm „Puurten Quast“, Nincoperstraße 45, 21129 Hamburg-Neuenfelde
  • Flood memento in Francop (at present fruitfarm Brackenburg), Hinterdeich 8, 21129 Hamburg-Francop
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